Rocket on Two Wheels

by David and Tara on June 26, 2013

MeJumpingDo you have a passion that you absolutely love to do? I have to tell ya, dirt biking has to be one of the funnest hobbies that I have ever done. Although I don’t own a dirt bike any longer, I have plans on buying a new one in the near future.

I used to own a Yamaha YZ250. It was a two stroke, and now I’m going to upgrade to a 4 stroke.

I can remember the first time I got on it. I had no clue what I was doing. The biggest mistake you can ever make is sitting far back on the seat and twisting the throttle. It took me two times and two busted knees to finally get that you have to sit up front close to the gas tank when you twist the throttle hard.

I never imagined that a dirt bike could go so fast.  But they do get up around 65 miles per hour. The first time I ever pinned 5th gear, I could literally feel my goggles pressing into my face and the wind pushing against my body. It felt like I was on the edge of disaster. One false move and I would have been cartwheeling on the ground.

I like other activities like snowboarding and skateboarding, but nothing comes even close to dirt bikes. I’m off the bike now for fear of crashing again. The last crash was pretty bad. I tore up my right foot pretty bad and had to get surgery. So in the future, I won’t be riding too much motocross. I’ll keep it on the trails in mountains.

Riding in the mountains feels like riding a horse but much faster with more control. It’s sort of like an iron horse if you know what I mean.

Going up and down hills and around corners with trees passing by is the craziest feeling. It’s sort of like an obstacle course. There is not much room for error. If you move too far to the left or right, you are running into a tree—which I have done once.

Learning how to work the throttle on steep hill takes patience and precision. If you stall out, you have to have one hand on the clutch and one hand on the front brake while kicking the start. You have twist the throttle while still holding on the front brake to prevent rolling backwards. Talk about coordination!

But once you get it, it’s the funnest thing ever. It seems that every frustrating thought you were having, every problem in your life, has been forgotten and replaced with thrill.

It’s amazing to see the sights too. You can cover so much ground in a short amount of time.

The longest I’ve ever ridden was 20 miles or so. And the views were amazing. There is something that draws me to the smell of exhaust coming out of the tail pipe and the adrenaline rush that flows constantly.

My days on dirt bikes now equates to motocross races on TV. That’s all I do in the meantime. Motorsports have become part of who I am. I love watching other races too such as 4 wheelers.

I would like to know what sports you like to participate in. Feel free to comment below.



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