Article Marketing Strategies

by David and Tara on July 2, 2013

Article Marketing StrategiesLearn article marketing strategies to get leads for your business. Here we will cover the most effective ways to use article marketing for your business.  When we say articles we are also talking about blog posts.

But while article writing is definitely an effective marketing strategy, you must learn how to craft your article the right way. Also, you must learn how to get backlinks to your article. We will cover both topics for you here.

Article Marketing Strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Backlinks.

SEO: Important steps to take when writing your article. 

Do you want your article to rank in the search engines – like Google, Yahoo or Bing? That’s really where the magic happens for online marketers. To get noticed on the major search engines, you must know exactly what they are looking for.

What the search engines are looking for in your article

While no one has completely cracked the Google code – we have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for: we call this “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Let’s cover a few basic tips on how to optimize your content for the search engines:

  • Pick a keyword to target – such as “lose weight now”
  • Include this keyword in the title of your article
  • Sprinkle this keyword throughout your article, but be careful not to use it too much or it may look too spammy.
  • Include an image in your article, and put the keyword in the title and alt tag of your image.
  • Include a video in your article that is relevant to the keyword you are targeting – this is optional.

That’s a basic SEO checklist for you to follow when writing your article. Of course, it can get more detailed than this, but this is a basic guideline to follow when learning article marketing strategies.

Backlinks: Your content must get the attention of the search engines.

What is a backlink anyway? For those of you that don’t know, a backlink is a link back to your article.

Another major influence on your search engine rankings is backlinks. If there’s a new article posted online, and people start sharing that article or blog post, that’s like a vote for that article. It makes that article look popular, and the search engines want to present the most relevant, popular content.

Where can the backlinks come from?

Backlinks can come from social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube), from other people’s blogs, or from article directories. Here’s one way to do this – you can join Facebook groups that allow you to post your value based content on their wall. After joining, you can comment on other people’s content, as well as post your own content.

But when you post your link, make sure that you are linking to content that is informational, with a call to action at the end, because you don’t want to be one of those people who constantly spam their product or service upfront on the group walls – or anywhere on Facebook for that matter!

An even better, more effective way to get backlinks to your blog is to write several unique articles and post them at other locations on the internet. For example, on article directories like Ezine articles, HubPages and Squidoo. And when you post an article in article directories, make sure to post unique content for each article site, and then include a link back to the main piece of content you want to rank. And there you go – you have backlinks!

Scale up your article marketing strategies to stand out against your competition

So yes, you can get backlinks yourself by posting each article to the article directories manually, but to really compete it’s best to scale up your efforts. And instead of manually posting unique content to hundreds of article directories, many marketers are turning to article spinning software. Which lets you upload an article, and then it rewrites the content of that article and submits unique content to hundreds of sites at the push of a button.

Click Here to see the article spinning tool that creates many unique versions of one article and submits them to hundreds of sites – giving you hundreds of backlinks and increasing your ranking in the search engines.


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